Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers: Don’t just give a gift, give an Experience.

Looking for a unique gift for someone who deserves some spoiling? Don’t just give them a gift, give them an experience they will remember and can build on for many years to come.

Taste-Buds Cook Club Gift Vouchers are a fantastic gift.

We offer 3 different types of vouchers,

  • The first is for a Sushi Class at a cost of R640 pp and you can include a Sushi Starter kit for an Extra R400 per kit if you would like to.
  • The second option is for a Romantic Couples Class at a cost of R1050 per couple.
  • The third option is for a Themed Cooking class of the attendees choice (Moroccan, Mexican, French Italian etc) at a cost of R540 pp.

Should you wish to purchase a gift voucher please can you send me a mail with the following information;

  • Who would you like the invoice made out to?
  • Which Class would you like it to be for, Sushi, Romantic or Themed Class?
  • How many attendees is it for.

We will draft an invoice and send it to you, if you are able to send us back the proof of payment as well as any personalised wording you may want on the voucher, ie. To my Favourite friend Pauline, Wishing you a very Happy Christmas, All me Love, Angela, Alex and Tayla.

We will then mail you the voucher ready for you to print and give out, or to give to them via email.

For inquiries send a mail to:

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