Team Building Events

Are you tired of climbing up walls, rafting down rapids and fearing for your life in order to build team spirit? Why not turn this trend around and focus on your team’s inner strengths with sustenance from FOOD!

Our cooking sessions are designed to promote unity among your team! Preparing a meal together works wonders to boost team spirit and foster productivity. Your team will later enjoy the meal they have prepared in a relaxed environment.

The way we run Team Functions is as follows:

Upon arrival a welcome drink will be served. Everyone will be invited into the Kitchen after receiving their Chef’s hats and the aprons they utilise for the event. Should you wish, personalised corporate aprons for each attendee may be purchased, this makes for a lovely gift.

Everyone cooks in pairs or groups. We give an explanation of what we will be cooking and how the event will run and some tips. Our team will go around and assist everyone throughout the event. Cooking time is approximately one and a half to two hours and every pair or group makes different recipes. Once you have completed the cooking you get to sit down and enjoy the fruits of all of your hard work, laid out on the buffet table.

We are able to cater for all dietary requirements and our Themes and dishes for the event may be amended to suit your requirements.

Try us, for an unforgettable team event!


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