Sensational Sushi


Our Sushi classes are hands on, fun-filled Sushi Making Sessions!

We will be covering Sushi rice cooking, Sushi vinegar sweetening, rolling Maki, California Rolls, Hand Rolls, Nigiri, Fashion Sandwiches as well as how the peel and julienne cucumber properly.

The class is taught by Jacky, our brilliant Sushi Chef, who will ensure that by the time you leave not only have you had a fun class but that you will also have made and eaten more sushi than you could have imagined.

Sushi Class Dates:

Saturday 25th  February 2017 @ 10h00

Saturday 1st April 2017 @ 10h00

Saturday 29th April 2017 @ 10h00

Saturday 3rd June 2017 @ 10hoo

Saturday 1st July 2017 @ 10h00

Saturday 5th August 2017 @ 10hoo

Saturday 2nd September 2017 @ 10h00

Saturday 7th October 2017 @ 10h00

Saturday 4th November 2017 @ 10h00

Saturday 2nd December 2017 @ 10h00

Cost R425pp

To Book please mail